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Marcia Smith

Marcia Smith

Operations Manager & Assistant to Philip J Messuri, MS, CFP®

Marcia is a valued and trusted member of the FSPI team, having worked as an advisor assistant to Phil for almost four years. In total she has over 20 years of experience in a financial management support capacity, in both banking and investments.

Marcia worked for over a decade in the oil and gas industry in Roswell providing administrative support, and later as an assistant for A G Edwards. She moved back to Albuquerque to accept a position with Wells Fargo Advisors, before going to work for FSPI. Within these organizations Marcia established trusted relationships with clients which carried over into future roles and opportunities.

Beyond her relationship building abilities and deep operational knowledge, Marcia has problem solving skills which make her an incredible asset to clients. Not only is she adept at finding solutions, she derives great satisfaction from being able to help navigate multiple, complex financial accounts in order to merge and simplify financial holdings. She loves being of service to clients, and indicates that her greatest joy is streamlining tasks for them and making the investment process less intimidating.

Marcia enjoys working side by side with the advisors at FSPI and understanding the bigger financial picture, and adds tremendous value to the team and the organization.

Marcia can be reached at (505) 798-6941 or by email at: